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  • AKAI Washing Machine – Spinning + Draining Function-4.0kg

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    This Akai 4kg Washing Machine will help you take care of your laundry in the most efficient manner. You will be able to do a lot of washing at a time. The machine is designed with separate wash and spin tubs. When you wash your clothes, the spin tub will allow you spin it to a point where the clothes are almost dry. After spinning, it takes just a little time for your clothes to get dry. This will save you a lot of time, especially if you are a working mother, bachelor or even a housewife.

    It has a sturdy build that will ensure you get value for your money. It is energy-efficient and it will not increase your power consumption. This washing machine will take away the stress and time used to wash with your hands.

    75,000.00 incl VAT
  • Polystar PV-WD4.5K (4.5kg) Top Loader Single Tub Washing Machine

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    The Polystar Top Loader Washing Machine PV-WD4.5K is an efficient and high quality home appliance which enables you sort out your laundry quickly. It has a compact and portable design which means it takes less space in your home, with low power consumption, you don’t worry about excessive electricity bills. This top-load washer will save you time and resources while delivering top notch performance. It will tackle all the stubborn stains effectively and leave your clothes sparkling clean. It features a simple and straightforward operation for easy use.

    The Polystar Top Loader Washing Machine PV-WD4.5K has a powerful pulsator which easily reaches into hard to reach places, ensuring sparkling results always. This fantastic appliance is made from high grade materials which guarantees it stands the test of time and its rust-proof plastic exterior guarantees durability. Its massive capacity allows more clothes per wash cycle.

    68,000.00 incl VAT
  • YAAO Washing Machine + Spinning + Draining Function 4.5kg

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    YAAO has been a long time producer of quality home solutions and products. The 4.5 kg SINGLE tub washing machine makes your laundry easier and faster as the washer is highly efficient and effective as well as durable. Easy to use and effficientThe YAAO 4.5kg washing machine with spinning function was built with the need of the end user at heart as it is economical in power consumption, space utilization as well as water too. The product is durable, efficient and effective. * Washing * Spinning and * Draining * 4.5kg* power consumption economy power ful and durable with economical consumption with 220w rated consumption can work on most generators. 220 / 50hz. mini unit saves on electricity and also save on water to ensure minimal power and water usage. Also saves space. mini unit ensures adequate and efficient space management. The YAAO 4.5kg is the ideal. washing machine for every home and quality is assured.
    Key Features
    Total Capacity- 4.5Kg
    single Tub washing and draining and spinning unit
    Mini unit saves on electricity, water, space and provides a complete, compact and economical solution
    Transparent cover for easy viewing of washing and draining progress
    Easy to operate and maintain
    220V/50Hz, 260W
    What’s in the box

    62,100.0068,900.00 incl VAT
    Sold By: Storehouse

    YAAO Washing Machine + Spinning + Draining Function 4.5kg

    62,100.0068,900.00 incl VAT

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