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  • Will the entirety of the things in my request show up in a solitary bundle?

On the off chance that your request comprises of things from more than one merchant, your things will show up independently. On the off chance that your request comprises of things from a solitary dealer, your things may show up together or independently. In the event that your requests show up independently, be have confidence that the leftover item(s) will be conveyed presently.

  • For what reason do I see various costs for a similar item?

We have various venders seeking business. Thusly, you may see a similar item offered by various dealers at various costs. We accept that by supporting these ‘outsider’ dealers, we can offer you a more extensive item determination, more decision, expanded accommodation, and better evaluating.

  • What is the assessed conveyance time?

We conveys items to clients all over Nigeria.

  • Lagos 2-5 days,
  • Ogun 3-7 days,
  • Ibadan 3-8 days and
  • Different states 4-9 days
  • Not all items on storehouse are sold or conveyed by Storehouse. What’s more, Storehouse purchasers and merchants are found in each state in Nigeria. Given the different components included (the time it takes a vender to send, the dispatch organization utilized, the distance among purchaser and dealer, and the sky is the limit from there) conveyance times may fluctuate.
  • Who will convey my request?

Your request might be conveyed by Storehouse or other messenger organizations, or by the dealer or the merchant’s representatives, contingent upon whether the thing was sold by Storehouse or an outsider vender and on the conveyance strategy picked by an outsider merchant. You might be called before or around the same time as conveyance to check whether you are free to get your request.

  • How would i be able to follow it?

To follow your request visit: