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  • Foldable Baby Bathtub With Thermometer And Bath Cushion

    Sold By: Storehouse

    The thermometer is in the edge of the tub, so you can easily monitor the temperature of the water when giving your baby a shower, baby will not feel so hot or so cold. Always feel right about the temperature.Adjustable Bath Pillow : Anti-slide bath cushion padding three-side fixed buckle suspension can be adjusted by adjusting the buckle bath net strap, When the strap is tightened or the strap is raised or the strap is loosened, the bath mat slides down and adjusts to the comfortable bath mat height. Designed for 0-2 year old baby.

    • Designed with a built-in thermometer to keep bath water safe temperature for baby.
    • Comes with a Free Bath Cushion
    • Wider tub is more comfortable for baby as baby grows.
    • More durable with thicker material.
    • Non-slip leg supports keeps bathtub secure on any flat surface.
    • The ergonomically rounded corners allow baby to grab comfortably.
    • Drain plug allows convenient water drainage.
    • Foldable and space-saving.
    • Designed with a convenient shower head holder.
    • Eco-friendly PP+TPR Material, safe & non -toxic, harmless for baby’s tender skin.
    • Foldable body of the bathtub made of TPR material, adjustable depth options for using needs.
    • Foldable design, convenient to store, top handle able to carry or hang.
    • Sweet top groove design can hold towel, soap, bath gel, etc.
    • Humanized design, non-slip rubber mat, press the side of the tub, as a baby’s small slide, let bathing to be a lot of fun.
    • Single package size: 90X57X10 cm
    42,000.0047,900.00 incl VAT
    Sold By: Storehouse

    Foldable Baby Bathtub With Thermometer And Bath Cushion

    42,000.0047,900.00 incl VAT

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