Exporting your top notch agricultural products? Storehouse Integrated Investment Ltd. can help in supplying agricultural products to both National and foreign companies.

Many agricultural products are produced in Nigeria every year. We play a major role in the industry by supplying agricultural products to both National and foreign companies. We have been in the game for over 5years. Our experience over the time has differentiate us from other.

Amongst the numerous agricultural product we supply are:

  • NUTS &KERNELS: Sun dried raw cashew nut in shell, Shea nut, Peanut Kernels, Peanut in Shell, Walnut &Acorn, Kola nut, Bitter Kola.
  • BEANS: Cocoa beans, Soya beans and coffee beans.
  • SEEDS: Natural sesame seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Cotton Seeds and Sunflower Seeds.
  • SPICES: Dried Split Ginger, Black & White Pepper, Dried Red Chilli Pepper, Turmeric, Cloves, Vanilla, Dried Red Hibiscus Flower and Nut Meg.
  • ANIMAL FEEDS: Peanut cake, Palm Kernel Cake, Soya Beans Cake and Cotton seed cake.
  • NIGERIAN FOODSTUFFS: Smoked Fish, Garri, Beans Flour, Melon Seed (Egusi), Ogbono, Cassava Flour.
  • OTHER PRODUCTS: Hardwood Charcoal, Beeswax, Shea Butter,  and Mineral ores.

Our quality products has been commended by our buyers which has skyrocketed the demand for more of our regular quality supplies. We have the required and total capacity to meet up the demand of our laudable customers because our sourcing network is of Pan-African.

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